Nungnung water Falls

Nungnung waterfalls have increased in popularity for French and German visitors to Bali. The waterfalls are located near the village of Plaga in the area of Petang, Northern Badung, The way down to the source of the water is about 50 meters and used to be very difficult and steep. But now it can be easily reached through hundreds of concrete stairs. The idea to build these stairs was initiated by the people who live in the neighborhood in cooperation with the government. It takes about 60 minutes (40 km) from Denpasar to get to the location of the waterfalls by bus. Walking up and down the stairs is not as tiring as it sounds, thanks to the cool air in the mountain which makes the body fresh, as does the surrounding panorama.

While having a rest we can breathe the fresh air and enjoy the beautiful scenery, which soon drives away all feelings of fatigue. Not far from the waterfalls, visitors can see the process of making wooden statues in Banjar Kerta, and in Banjar Sekarmukti, Plaga. They can observe traditional and modern painters in Banjar Batulantang or gold and silver handicraft artists and songket weavers in Carangsari Village. If visitors want to take a rest or spend a night, they can make use of the bungalows in the village of Plaga. The weather in Plaga village is cold, It is geographically similar to Kintamani and Bedugul since the village is located next to the two resorts, which have been famous for a lot longer. Food, drink and bathing are not a problem in the Plaga bungalows since everything is available, Alter having a rest visitors may continue the trip from Plaga village to Kintamani in the east or Bedugul in the west.

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